How to Stop My Roommate From Eating Ice Cream

You may have noticed your roommate’s habit of eating snacks when you leave, but they don’t always admit it. Perhaps they do so out of embarrassment, but it’s important to communicate your habits, and you may need to take steps to stop them. If your roommate refuses to share his or her snacks, you may want to tell them you don’t mind them eating them, and ask nicely.

You can also try dropping a watermelon out the window, or drawing a picture of a dead person on the floor. Or you can even pretend to be in a funeral while singing the lyrics of American Pie. Another way to wake up your roommate is to buy a gerbil, and name it after your roommate. If you’re worried that your roommate won’t get over his or her love of ice cream, you can give him or her a coffee mug, and gnaw on it for 10 minutes. Once you’ve finished, look at him or her, and you’ll likely get an answer.

Another way to trick your roommate is to set up a jack-o-lantern. You can even use the jack-o-lantern as a “fake” jack-o-lantern and scare him or her. Once your roommate realizes that you’re trying to trick them, he or she will give up. If your roommate insists, you could even try a jack-o-lantern to trick them into eating ice cream.

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