Peeling Skin on Face….What should you do?

“Peeling” or “dry, flaky skin” is something that no one wants to happen on their face. Because it’s not just the problem of facial skin that doesn’t look beautiful. But it also affects the mind of meeting people and having to be greeted regularly as well. Therefore, knowing the causes, symptoms, treatment, and proper prevention will reduce the likelihood of such problems occurring. It also creates good habits in your life so that it doesn’t affect other symptoms that may occur in the future as well.

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What is a face peel?

Peeling is a condition where the skin around the face is flaky or flakey, or if it is very severe, it may come off as a noticeable sheet. until the skin becomes red and not smooth When something hits a little, it will cause burning, itching, or skin irritation. Usually the main cause is from the face having problems with very dry skin that peels off. If you don’t want this to happen, it’s important to take good care of yourself. Focus on using the right products for your face and avoiding various causes.

each type of symptom

Sunburn, also known as sunburn, is a type of face that is exposed to the sun with UV rays for a long time until it burns and peels off. A burning sensation occurs when something touches the skin in that area taraftarium24.

– Chemicals in beauty will call this type Chemical Peeling is the outermost layer of the skin that will shed cells from deterioration. until it becomes scurf and peels off. Some people with this condition often have a burning problem on their faces. or blistered surface

– Dryness May be based on whether a person with dry skin is already the capital. or faced with dry weather The coldness sucked away the moisture on his face until such symptoms appeared.

– From allergies is a type that happens often. and is caused by allergies to things that come into contact with the face such as cosmetics, facial foam

Which one should see a doctor?

For flaky skin problems, if there are no severe symptoms, just using a moisturizing facial or a treatment product will help heal better until it disappears on its own. But for those who should see a doctor is People with facial problems have severe peeling. with burning, itching or irritation Because it may cause other skin problems later, including people who take care of themselves by using various products, but it still doesn’t get better.

How to treat peeling face

In order not to cause other skin problems to follow, knowing how to properly treat it will help correct such symptoms to make your face look attractive again.

– Avoid the causes that cause such problems. whether it is being exposed to sunlight for a long time Using non-standard cosmetics living in cold regions, etc.

– When you feel that your face is starting to peel, it is recommended to see a dermatologist directly for proper treatment. The doctor may choose to use both topical drugs to reduce the problem. Including reducing the burning, itching, irritation that always occurs together In severe cases, your doctor may add an oral medication to address the root cause and the itching disappears.

cause of the problem

Peeling a face is caused by many reasons, including external factors such as sunburn that causes skin to burn, humid or cold weather until the water on the face is sucked out, the use of non-standard products on the face. Whether it’s cosmetics, facial foam, face cream, washing your face with warm water often makes your skin peel off easily. and factors within the individual’s body, such as getting older, the sebaceous glands produce less oil. The face is easily dry, dehydrated skin due to drinking too little water each day, taking certain medications with side effects. and people with skin problems All these factors are the main reasons that cause the skin to gradually peel off, flaky or flaky, if it happens, urgent treatment is needed.

Prevention (selection of skin moisturizers)

What is a good face peel to use? That’s the question many people ask when it comes to knowing how to protect them properly. Essentially, it’s important to choose a product that moisturizes your face to avoid further dryness. It must be a product that does not harm the skin To reduce the chance of other problems that follow later as well.

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