Would You Eat an Ice Cream Cone After Your Dog Licked It?

Despite the fact that ice cream is a summertime favorite, would you eat an ice-cream cone after your dog licked it? Most likely not! Ice cream cones are filled with sugar and additives that aren’t good for us. In addition, many contain xylitol, a sweetener that is toxic to dogs. So, if you were to eat an ice-cream cone, you should avoid it.

The British Veterinary Association warns people against sharing food, including ice-cream. The British Veterinary Association notes that sharing isn’t good for dogs, since it contains sugar, dairy, and calories. And some dogs are intolerant to dairy, so sharing ice-cream isn’t the healthiest option. Wright objects to contributing to the dog obesity crisis.

Even though your dog may like the taste of ice cream, it is best not to feed it to your dog. Some of the most dangerous ingredients include chocolate, rum, and macadamia nuts. Even those with a “free” label may still contain toxic ingredients. If your dog licks an ice-cream cone, don’t try to feed it to him!

Some ice-cream shops even make ice cream just for dogs. Dogs can have bacon-based or peanut butter ice-cream. Just make sure the ice-cream comes in a small cup. Dairy Queen, for example, makes Pup Cups for dogs. The vanilla ice-cream comes with a doggy treat in the middle.

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